Recommended Web Hosting Services

With over 10 years of experience in the web hosting industry and as a Web Hosting Veteran as well as a Premium Member in the WebHostingTalk community, I believe I know a thing or two when it comes to website hosting services.


As there are many web hosting providers to choose from and with hosting services being more and more commoditized, it is more important than ever for you to find the correct hosting provider for your website in order to prevent issues down the road.

If you type the keywords “web hosting”, “best web hosting”, “good web hosting” or a variation of them in Google, you will no doubt be met with lots of advertisements (Fun Fact: the keyword “hosting” is one of the most expensive keyword in Google Ads) as well as “Top 10” websites where their rankings are driven mainly by affiliate commissions (the higher the commission, the higher these hosts are ranked).

Unfortunately these large hosting providers are only interested in getting you in the door but drop the ball completely when it come to customer service (as you are just another number to them) and worse of all they cram as many websites as they can into each of their server, resulting in poor performance and frequent downtime (which will negatively affect your SEO).

Fortunately there are still good hosts available but as they focus more on maintaining their quality servers and customer service instead of marketing, you may not have heard of them even though most of them have been around for many years.

You cannot go wrong with any of the web hosting providers I recommend below:-

CompanyProductsPromotion / Coupon Code
MDDHostingShared Cloud Hosting · Reseller · VPSSPEEDYUPGRADES
NoFrillsResellerReseller Hosting · Shared Cloud Hosting50% OFF: NFR50
KnownHostShared Cloud · VPS · Cloud VPS · DedicatedKH30LIFE
HawkHostShared · Reseller · Cloud · VPS25% OFF
NameCheapDomain Registration · Shared · ResellerNEWCOM
SiteGroundShared · Reseller · Cloud · Dedicated50% OFF
Aspiration HostingCloud Hosting · Cloud ServerMST50OFF
DigitalOceanSelf-Managed Budget Cloud Server$50 Credit

The hosting providers listed above not only have fast performing servers but also excellent customer service. The list will be periodically reviewed to keep them on their toes.