Best Web Hosting

Selecting the right web hosting provider has become increasingly challenging due to the commoditization of hosting services. It’s crucial for you to make an informed choice to avoid complications later on.

When you search terms like “web hosting” or “best web hosting” on Google, you’ll encounter numerous ads and “Top 10” lists. Interestingly, the term “hosting” is among Google Ads’ most expensive keywords. Most of these rankings are swayed by affiliate commissions, rather than objective evaluations.

Many large hosting providers prioritize getting you on board but falter when it comes to quality customer service. They typically overcrowd their servers, leading to poor performance and frequent downtime, which can adversely impact your SEO.

However, there are lesser-known but quality hosts who prioritize server maintenance and customer service. These hidden gems have often been in business for years but may not be well-known due to their limited marketing efforts.

The hosting providers recommended below deliver fast performance and top-notch customer service:

CompanyProducts / TechnologiesReview / Promo
MDDHostingShared Cloud Hosting · Reseller HostingRead Review
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NoFrillsCloudCloud Hosting · Cloud Reseller · Cloud DedicatedRead Review
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KnownHostShared Cloud · VPS · Cloud VPS · Dedicated ServerRead Review
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HawkHostShared Hosting · Reseller Hosting · VPSRead Review
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CloudwaysManaged Cloud Hosting30% OFF
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SiteGroundShared Hosting · Reseller Hosting · Cloud Server50% OFF
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LiquidWebVPS · Cloud · Dedicated Server50% OFF
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Aspiration HostingCloud Hosting · Cloud Server50% OFF
Coupon: MST50OFF
LinodePremium Cloud Server
(Self-Managed · Anti-DDoS)
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Coupon: B4OyoGuf
UpCloudPremium Cloud Server
(Self-Manage · MaxIOPS Storage)
$25 Credit
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DigitalOceanPopular Cloud Server
$100 Credit
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NamesiloExcellent Domain Registrar
(Free WHOIS Privacy)
.com @ $7.99
NameCheapDomain Registration · Shared HostingCoupon: TLDSDISCONT

This list will be regularly updated to ensure ongoing quality.

There’s no one-size-fits-all “best” host; there’s only the host that’s best suited to your specific needs.

Disclosure: My recommendations are based purely on my own opinions. I only endorse hosting providers that I’d be comfortable using myself. Some links may be affiliate links, incurring no additional cost to you while providing me a small commission.