Best Magento Hosting

The best Magento Hosting service recommended by James Lee, a Magento Master & eCommerce veteran with over 15 years of experience in the Magento Community and the Cloud & Web Hosting industry.

Magento Commerce is a resource-intensive application that demands more than just CPU and memory. It requires specialized server optimizations, making it crucial to select a managed Magento hosting provider whose servers are specifically tuned for Magento’s unique needs.

For a hassle-free eCommerce experience, opting for managed hosting is a must – it’s simply not worth the risk to manage it yourself.

Premium Magento Hosting

The providers listed below specialize in Magento hosting for both Magento 1 & 2 versions. Their servers are optimized for Magento, and their support teams are well-versed in addressing Magento-specific issues.

CompanyProducts / TechnologiesMagento Store Size
NoFrillsCloudCloud Dedicated HostingMedium · Large
Aspiration HostingCloud Hosting · Cloud ServerSmall · Medium · Large
CloudwaysManaged Cloud HostingSmall · Medium · Large
NexcessManaged Magento HostingSmall · Medium · Large
Crucial HostingShared Hosting · Managed VPSSmall · Medium
MageMojoSTRATUS SaaSMedium · Large

Budget Magento Hosting

If you’re operating on a limited budget, you might consider hosting providers who, while not Magento-focused, maintain servers that provide acceptable Magento performance. However, note that their support teams are not specialized in Magento, so don’t expect Magento-specific help.

CompanyProducts / TechnologiesMagento Store Size
MDDHostingPremium Shared HostingSmall · Medium
(Magento 1 Only)
HawkHostPremium Shared HostingSmall · Medium
(Magento 1 Only)
SiteGroundNormal Shared HostingSmall · Medium
(Magento 1 Only)
KnownHostPremium Managed VPSSmall · Medium
LinodePremium Cloud Server
(Self-Managed · Anti-DDoS)
Small · Medium · Large
UpCloudPremium Cloud Server
(Self-Managed · MaxIOPS Storage)
Small · Medium · Large
DigitalOceanPopular Cloud Server
Small · Medium · Large

Disclosure: My recommendations are based purely on my own opinions. I only endorse hosting providers that I’d be comfortable using myself. Some links may be affiliate links, incurring no additional cost to you while providing me a small commission.