How to get MailChannels Inbound Spam Filtering for Free!

I recently came across a blog post by MailChannels which announced that they are now available as a CloudFlare App, which allows their service to be added to CloudFlare in a few clicks.

The biggest highlight in the blog post is the following:-

MailChannels created a special free plan for Cloudflare customers looking to add better spam filtering for a single domain.

For $0/month, you get commercial-grade spam, virus, and phishing protection for up to 5 users.

This is great news for CloudFlare users if you have less than 5 email accounts for your domain and want to use MailChannels professional inbound Spam filtering service.

MailChannels Inbound will remove Spam, phishing and virus from your emails before sending them to your mail or web hosting server.

Besides that, it will also hide or mask your actual mail server IP address which means that attacker will not know the actual mail server IP and thus not able to attack it directly.

To enable this service:-

  1. Login to your CloudFlare account and navigate to the MailChannels app.
  2. Click Preview MailChannels
  3. Click Finish installing onto your site

Once installed, the app will automatically configure the MX records on your domain and redirect your email traffic through MailChannels for scanning.

Accounts are automatically created for the administrator and end-users as you send email traffic.

UPDATE: Unfortunately MailChannels will be sunsetting this free option by July 1st, 2021:-

The MailChannels app for Cloudflare will be disabled starting on July 1st, 2021. Unless you transition to a direct MailChannels customer by taking advantage of the discounted offer described below, your email service will shut off on July 1st.

With July 1st rapidly approaching, you have two options:

Deactivate your accountClick here to deactivate your MailChannels app for Cloudflare. Your account will be disabled immediately, and all data will be purged on August 31st.

If you have already removed all MailChannels MX records from your domain, no further action is required.

Open a new account directly with MailChannels: If you wish to continue using MailChannels Inbound Filtering to protect your inboxes, you can use the one-time coupon code CLOUDFLARE_50OFF for 50% off the monthly rate (25 domains for $10 instead of $20).

James Lee
James Lee

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