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How to install Elasticsearch 7 on CentOS 7

With the latest version of Magento, Magento 2.4 removing the MySQL search capability and forcing the use of Elasticsearch 7.x, many users may be frantically searching for the latest guide to install Elasticsearch in your server. As most of the guides around the net are either outdated or may not work well in a CentOS […]

How to get MailChannels Inbound Spam Filtering for Free!

I recently came across a blog post by MailChannels which announced that they are now available as a CloudFlare App, which allows their service to be added to CloudFlare in a few clicks. The biggest highlight in the blog post is the following:- MailChannels created a special free plan for Cloudflare customers looking to add better spam […]

How to forward emails to Gmail the right way

You may want to forward emails from your custom email address to Gmail or another email service like Outlook for easier email management or so that multiple users will receive the emails. If your email address is created with your web hosting provider, it may be tempting to use their Email Forwarder feature available […]

How to test or preview website in a different server

So you’ve migrated your website to a new server or web hosting provider and you want to view your website in the new server before pointing your DNS over? There are generally three ways for you to achieve this:- Modify your computer’s host file to add a host entry for your domain to point to […]